Nike sacai x Clot x LDWaffle ‘Net Orange Blaze’ DH1347-100


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Product Description:
Introducing the highly anticipated collaboration between Nike, sacai, and Clot, the Nike sacai x Clot x LDWaffle ‘Net Orange Blaze’ DH1347-100. This exclusive sneaker combines the unique design elements of all three powerhouse brands, resulting in a stunning and innovative creation.

1. Unparalleled Design: The Nike sacai x Clot x LDWaffle ‘Net Orange Blaze’ showcases a fusion of various design elements that make it truly stand out. From the double Swoosh branding to the layered upper, every detail has been thoughtfully crafted for a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

2. Supreme Comfort: Equipped with Nike’s renowned cushioning technology, this sneaker offers exceptional comfort for all-day wear. The midsole provides a lightweight feel, while the soft and breathable upper ensures a comfortable fit.

3. Premium Materials: Crafted from high-quality materials, this collaboration piece exudes luxury. The upper features a combination of mesh, suede, and premium leather, providing durability and a sophisticated look.

1. Colorway: The ‘Net Orange Blaze’ colorway showcases a vibrant orange hue, creating a bold statement wherever you go. The contrasting white and black accents add depth and dimension to the design.

2. Collaboration Details: The Nike sacai x Clot x LDWaffle features the signature branding of all three collaborators, including the sacai and Clot logos on the heel and tongue. This limited-edition release is a must-have for collectors and sneaker enthusiasts alike.

3. Sizing and Fit: Available in various sizes, this sneaker caters to both men and women. Its true-to-size fit ensures a comfortable and secure feel, while the lace-up closure allows for easy adjustability.

Elevate your sneaker game with the Nike sacai x Clot x LDWaffle ‘Net Orange Blaze’ DH1347-100. Combining impeccable design, exceptional comfort, and premium materials, this collaboration piece is a testament to the creativity and innovation that Nike, sacai, and Clot bring to the table. Don’t miss out on this limited-edition release – get yours today!


US M4 / W5.5 = UK3.5 = EU36, US M4.5 / W6 = UK4 = EU36.5, US M5 / W6.5 = UK4.5 = EU37.5, US M5.5 / W7 = UK5 = EU38, US M6 / W7.5 = UK5.5 = EU38.5, US M6.5 / W8 = UK6 = EU39


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