Adidas Astir ‘White Black Acid Red’ GY1122


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Product Description:
The Adidas Astir ‘White Black Acid Red’ GY1122 is a stylish and eye-catching athletic shoe that combines comfort, performance, and unmatched style. This shoe is perfect for those looking to make a fashion statement both on and off the sports field.

1. Stylish Design: The Adidas Astir ‘White Black Acid Red’ GY1122 features a sleek and modern design, with a combination of white, black, and acid red colors. This unique colorway adds a pop of excitement to any outfit, making you stand out from the crowd.

2. Comfortable Fit: Constructed with premium materials, this shoe provides a snug and comfortable fit. The soft and cushioned insole ensures maximum comfort, even during extended wear, making it perfect for all-day use.

3. Enhanced Performance: The Adidas Astir ‘White Black Acid Red’ GY1122 is equipped with advanced technology that enhances performance. The lightweight construction allows for fluid movement, while the durable outsole provides excellent traction on various surfaces, improving agility and control.

– Upper Material: The upper of this shoe is made from a combination of synthetic leather and mesh, providing breathable comfort and durability.
– Closure: It features a lace-up closure system for a secure and customizable fit.
– Midsole: The lightweight midsole offers superior cushioning and shock absorption, reducing strain on your feet and joints.
– Outsole: The rubber outsole provides exceptional grip and traction, ensuring stability on any terrain.
– Branding: The iconic Adidas logo is prominently displayed on the sides and tongue of the shoe, representing its superior quality and style.

Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a run, or simply looking for a fashion-forward shoe, the Adidas Astir ‘White Black Acid Red’ GY1122 is an excellent choice. With its unique design, comfort, and performance-enhancing features, this shoe will elevate your athletic style to new heights.


US M10 / W11 = UK9.5 = EU44, US M10.5 / W11.5 = UK10 = EU44.7, US M6.5 / W7.5 = UK6 = EU39.3, US M7 / W8 = UK6.5 = EU40, US M7.5 / W8.5 = UK7 = EU40.7, US M8 / W9 = UK7.5 = EU41.3, US M8.5 / W9.5 = UK8 = EU42, US M9 / W10 = UK8.5 = EU42.7, US M9.5 / W10.5 = UK9 = EU43.3


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